Find the pokémon near you in real time


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PokéMesh is a pokémon radar to scan the area around you in search of all the creatures that appear in real time so you can capture that pokémon you've always wanted to without having to roam the streets in an aimless search.

This app displays your exact location, the pokestops around you, and the gyms with blue and yellow dots for each one. Once a pokémon appears on a specific street, you'll see an icon with its shape, name, and the time left in that location. This way, even if you're at home on your couch, you'll know instantly where to go to catch the creature you've been waiting so long to find.

One of the key factors in the app is that it's centered exclusively around your area, so you can efficiently capture all the pokémon around you. What's more, PokéMesh includes a list of all the pokémon in the game and lets you mark which ones you want to see on the map, helping you avoid wasting your time on ones you don't care about. You can even create alarms so the app notifies you as soon as your favorite animal appears in your circle. Catch 'em all thanks to this app's features and climb the levels getting all the best creatures.